How much is Zoomer?

Zoomer is an amazing toy that has a lot to offer for its money. For starters he understands English, Spanish and French. he is teachable, i.e. you can teach a variety of tricks like shaking a paw, roll over, even to go have a wee. Just one touch of a button on his back and he is showing you a random trick.

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Thanks to advances in technology this kind of electronic pet is now affordable for many families. Bearing in mind that the very first commercially available robot dog Aibo cost $1000+ Zoomer with an RRP of  $99.99 is extremely good value. You get many of the Aibo features at only one tenth of what it would have cost in 1999.

We highly recommend We had a look around and Amazon came up trumps not just in terms of  Best Price but also because of its credibility, quick and reliable  customer service in case there is an issue with the delivery.

Did you know that you can also compare prices from other retailers offering Zoomer on Amazon? So, if it should happen that Amazon itself isn’t offering the best price you can find out very quickly by glancing over to the right side on the Zoomer page to look at other online shops using Amazon as their store front.

Lastly, if you are not keen on wrapping presents yourself you can use the gift wrapping service (yes, there is a charge for this service).

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